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Entomology 2022 Conference

The lab had a fantastic time at the 2022 Entomological Society of America Conference in Vancouver, BC! The venue was beautiful, the food delicious, and the talks excellent. Ravenscraft Lab gave five presentations this year:

Patrick gave an oral presentation on the results of his Caballeronia genome analysis, titled "Prevalence of an insect-associated genomic region in environmentally acquired bacterial symbionts."

Aly presented a talk on her research on "Pesticide degradation capacity of the bug-Burkholderia symbiosis."

Bibek won a first place award for his virtual poster presentation, "Give and take: Do Burkholderia bacteria benefit from the bug-Burkholderia symbiosis?"

Ben (who is soon to join the lab) presented a poster on preliminary work his did for his postdoc titled "Casting light on microbial symbioses of fireflies."

Dr. R gave an oral presentation titled "Geography and seasonality of an environmentally-acquired symbiosis: is the bug-Burkholderia relationship spatially or temporally structured?"

Congrats to everyone on a job well done!

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