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Graduate students

I am seeking highly motivated students who are excited to make discoveries about insect-microbial symbiosis. If this sounds like you, email me at alison [dot] ravenscraft [at] uta [dot] edu with your CV and research interests.


Update January 2020: Sorry, no undergraduate positions are currently available. However, if you are still interested in joining the lab at a later time, you may email an application to Dr. Ravenscraft. We keep these applications on file in case there is an opening.


To apply, you should:

1. Include your name, year, major, and GPA.

2. Describe your reasons for wanting to work in a lab generally.

3. Explain why specifically Ravenscraft Lab's research is interesting to you.

4. List the type(s) of career(s) you're considering after graduation.

5. State how many hours you want to work per week.

6. List your other extracurricular commitments and the amount of time each takes per week.

7. Attach your transcript (an unofficial copy is fine)

8. Attach your resume.*

* If you don't have a resume, now is the time to create one!  This will serve you well for future job applications. You can find many examples online if you google "undergraduate resume" or similar. I also recommend that you visit UTA's career center for advice crafting your resume; click here for helpful tips, information and hours. (The UTA website says not to include information from highschool but if you are early in your undergraduate career, you can include it.)