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2023 Entomology Conference

The whole lab traveled to the 2023 Entomology Conference in National Harbor, MD! We were refreshed and inspired by learning from great talks, seeing old friends, and making new ones. Ravenscraft Lab gave six presentations:

Ben gave an oral presentation called “Exploration of firefly microbiomes” on the results from  his firefly research so far.

Patrick presented a talk on his large experiment on temperature-dependent outcomes of symbiosis titled “Symbiont identity impacts host fitness under thermal stress in the bug-Caballeronia system.”

Rachel won a second place award for her poster, “Characterizing the gut-microbial composition across the segments of the gastrointestinal tract in five grasshopper species.” Congrats Rachel!

Bibek gave an oral presentation on “The cost and benefit tradeoff of mutualistic association: Does the symbiont benefit?”

Aly presented a talk on “Pesticide degradation by Caballeronia symbionts in the gut of Leptoglossus zonatus.”

Dr. R gave a talk titled “For the insect microbiome, transience doesn’t always equate to irrelevance.”

Excited that we had such a strong showing this year!

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