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2021 update

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

We're very behind on updates because Fall and Winter 2021/2022 were especially eventful! This is the first of several catchup posts.

First, we were thrilled to welcome three amazing PhD students to the lab:

Aly Blanton comes to us from SIUE, where she earned her masters degree studying pesticide resistance in the termite gut microbiome. She is a UTA Maverick Bridge Fellow.

Bibek Singh Parajuli just graduated with his BS from UTA. He did undergraduate research in the Walsh Lab on predator avoidance behaviors in Daphnia. He is a UTA Honors Bridge to Graduate School Fellow.

Rachel Vargas comes to us from St. Edwards University, where she did undergraduate research in the Steffenson Lab on the immunological consequences of autotomy in wolf spiders. She is a UTA Maverick Bridge Fellow.

So excited to have these three overachievers (amazing that they already have fellowships!) join the lab. Read more about their current interests on the People page.

Major congratulations are also due to Patrick, who passed his qualifying exam a semester early and advanced to candidacy in the fall.

We also welcomed our tiniest lab member, Evelyn Skye Frishkoff Ravenscraft, who was born on January 11, 2022. (Her dad and I hope she'll forgive us for the the academic double last name.) Evelyn's interests include milk, naps, insect-themed onesies, and small rubber dinosaurs.

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